05 June 2020

new music for deep inner journeys

I decided to briefly revive this blog to post a few excellent new releases which are very well-suited for deep meditative inner journeys. Music is a balm for the soul in troubled times (or any time really). I hope this music brings you a sense of relaxation and deep peace, or whatever it is you need to make it through.

ReGen: Deep Ambient Remixes by Liquid Bloom
new deep ambient remixes of tracks from Liquid Bloom's album Re.Generations

also available with spoken word guided meditations:
Bandcamp - Spotify

The Disciple's Path by Mark Seelig
long-awaited new solo album by bansuri flutist Mark Seelig featuring modern ragas inspired by Indian classical music and deep medicine journeys

Bandcamp - Spotify
Offering to the Morning Fog by Robert Rich
mournful flutes and sparse atmospheric ambience by Robert Rich recorded during the lockdown to create a quiet place for listeners to breathe and find peace

To The Threshold of Silence by Steve Roach
deep gongs, bells and subtle percussion in a longform piece originally released in 1992 as part of the seminal tribal ambient album World's Edge, newly remastered and released on its own

Nectar Meditation by Steve Roach and Serena Gabriel
bells, overtone singing and long peaceful harmonium drones with subtle frame drum rhythms by Byron Metcalf "a continuous 74 min balm for the body, mind and soul"

Bandcamp - Spotify
Primordial Terrain by Louigi Verona
subtle shamanic drums emerge in and out of deep primordial sonic landscapes

SACRAMENT by Byron Metcalf and Jennifer Grais
shamanic drums and ceremonial chants "The partaking of this sacrament invites the listener to experience Earth as the Mother of us all – to become whole."

Music For Mushrooms: A Soundtrack For The Psychedelic Practitioner by East Forest
a 5-hour journey improvised live for a psychedelic ceremony

The Unfolding Dawn by Max Corbacho
a peaceful longform ambient track created in the first few days of lockdown

I  have included both Bandcamp and Spotify links, however I strongly encourage purchasing the music on Bandcamp as it's even more important these days to support independent artists.

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