23 August 2008

hiddenplace music mix 2: early in summer

Download mp3 (160kbps, 66MB)

on sites such as last.fm, japanese music seems to inevitably get labelled as 'jpop' - especially if it features female vocals. but there is of course a lot more to japanese music than the sugary, high-pitched, heavily produced sound that is jpop. on this mix i am showcasing an eclectic mix of moody, ethereal, and atmospheric music from japanese artists: bedroom dreampop, delicate ambient, and deafening shoegazer postrock.
the sound of the seasons changing-- spring turning to summer turning to autum...


(00:22 ) Caroline - Bicycle [trr97] emusic itunes
(04:05) sabi - yello sand back [mtk088] +playlist
(05:44) sabi - johdo [mtk088]
(08:24) sabi - uki 3 2 [mtk088]
(11:03) Akira Kosemura - Catnap [mtk167]
(16:30) Piana - early in summer [hap003] emusic itunes
(22:04) Anoice - Glitch [LostChildren051] itunes
(28:34) Asobi Seksu - Red Sea [ASBSK05] emusic itunes
(36:13) Salyu - Landmark (live)
(44:10) Mono - The Flames Beyond The Cold Mountain [trr98] emusic itunes

cover photo by ZaNuDa courtesy of stock.xchng

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