22 October 2007


[once again abruptly shifting gears, into dark ambient territory] dutch composer Phrozenlight is one of the most prolific electronic music producers ive come across. typically releasing 2 or 3 hour-long compositions per month, most of his extensive catalogue is available for download at archive.org. this is not music for everyone-- slowly evolving, abstract, dark ambient spaces, usually with little or no harmonic or 'musical' elements. yet for fans of the genre, his music is always excellently produced with consistent quality and careful attention to sound and texture. his recent release, Sunday Afternoon recently provided an excellent soundtrack to one hour of my day with the usual deftly sequenced deep spacey textures, accented by an otherworldly melody which slowly evolves into a berlin school-style analogue sequence-- pleasantly and fascinatingly reminiscent of the classic spacemusic series Dark Side of the Moog by veteran producers Pete Namlook and Klaus Schulze (of Tangerine Dream). when the dark autumn months call for a quiet introspective journey into deep space, Phrozenlight's music fits the bill quite nicely.

21 October 2007

Noe Venable - The Summer Storm Journals

on the other side of the spectrum of music for autumn, veteran songstress Noe Venable proves that brilliant songwriting and a beautiful, expressive voice never get old. her newest album, 'The Summer Storm Journals' has been stuck in my head ever since it was released earlier this season. even if you are like me and very rarely buy actual cds, i highly recommend adding this album to your collection. along with 'bring me the workhorse' from my brightest diamond, it has become one of my most listened-to releases this year. this is quality music that i believe could appeal to everyone- melancholy without being depressing, dark but hopeful, childlike but not immature, all the while absolutely uncompromising in style, individuality and vision. Noe is kind enough to offer two complete songs for free download on her website. after a few listens, they will most likely be lodged in your head, leaving you with a curious longing to discover more....

18 October 2007

Muhr - Poussière

a new release has arrived from one of my top netlabels, serein. this label consistently provides top-quality acoustic/electronic fusions, always adhering to the 'quality over quantity' philosophy. the latest release provides the perfect soundtrack for the decent into the colder autumn days-- dark glitchy electronics, post-rocking guitar drones and accents of orchestral strings, noise and processed field recordings blend into a journey that is at once densely chaotic and bleakly serene; all the while remaining coherent and emotive. netaudio electro-acoustic postrock at its best!

10 October 2007

Netaudio-Mixtape IV / t.slubs (thinners slow Dubs)

in case you dont obsessively check the thinner netlabel website for updates, the previously mentioned german music collective Das Kraftfuttermischwerk has released an excellent mix of deep spacey dubby trax pulled from the thinner archive. it made for a most pleasant and nostalgic morning's listen, taking me right back to the original thinner classics like Falter, Selffish, & Digitalverein
viel spaß!

09 October 2007

Mikael Fyrek - In riots of color they spin

as i slowly emerge from the world of boxes, suitcases, airports and multi-lingual signs, allow me to recommend an excellent new release from perennial favourite kahvi. for 'In riots of color they spin' Mikael Fyrek creates 4 miniature worlds of idm beauty full of all the best building blocks of intelligent chill- warm atmospheres of breathy pads, delay-soaked mountainous landscapes and soaring leads accented by subtle paintstrokes of filtered beats. another beautiful (if short) glimpse into digitally-created dreamworlds. i think you will find, these landscapes are certainly worthy of many return journeys.

backlog: dont miss Mr Fyrek's previous two releases, St Mare Abelle and i can finally see what darkness looks like, both excellent as well