03 April 2010

hiddenplace music mix 8: Terence Day 2010

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"Terence Day" is celebrated on April 3rd in honor of Terence McKenna, an ethnobotanist, philosopher, speaker, writer and futurist. some people use this day to celebrate and explore the concept of boundary disillusionment, which is a concept that McKenna talked quite a lot about in his talks and lectures over the years. according to him, the dissolving of the artificial boundaries which society has set up is essential for the human species to grow and survive as we move into the next stage of our evolution.
this year marks the 10th anniversary of McKenna's death, so i wanted to put together a special mix of consciousness-expanding music, some of which features clips from his lectures. the mix ends with the stirring finale of a performance he gave with Space Time Continuum in the early 90s.
even if youve never heard of Terence McKenna before, i hope this mix inspires you to give some thought to the boundaries we create between ourselves and the environment, between "us" and "them" and between our ego self and our fellow human beings.

(00:20) stockfinster. - Sailing Through The Bardo [Sutemos]
(05:40) Alkor - One Day Above The Clouds [Kahvi, Ektoplazm]
(11:25) Trebolactiko - Pskalibur [Ektoplazm]
(17:08) Pan Psychic - The Last Reality [Ektoplazm]
(22:55) Xamanist - Machu Picchu [Ektoplazm]
(30:27) Rage Against Comics - Juggernaut Mass Culture [Ektoplazm]
(36:02) Spire - Helical Scan [Ektoplazm]
(43:03) Space Time Continuum - Timewave Zero

cover artwork by holodelic