03 April 2011

Terence Day 2011

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once again this mix for Terence Day was thrown together somewhat at the last minute, but i decided to post it anyway. i have been spending my time preparing for the Breaking Convention conference going on this weekend at the University of Kent where i will be helping the lads from the Shroom with a View podcast record conversations and interviews for their show. stay tuned for more on that.
once again its a [somewhat disjointed] mix of consciousness-expanding psytrance, ambient and downtempo music which features samples of The Bard McKenna (and sometimes other people) speaking. the mix begins with the audio from a rare video (embedded below) of Terence performing a wild blend of spoken word poetry, chant and glossolalia with the band Lost at Last. also included is the track El Alien by NatureLovesCourage which is better known as the theme song to the Psychedelic Salon, the podcast which first introduced me to Terence McKenna.
"each artist is an antenna to the transcendental other, and as we go with our own history into that thing, and then create a unique confluence of our uniqueness, and its uniqueness, we collectively create an arrow. An arrow out of history, out of time, perhaps even out of matter, that will redeem, then, the idea that man is good. This is the promise of art, and its fulfillment is never more near than the present moment."

1. Terence McKenna Performs with Lost at Last
2. Space Time Continuum - Alien Love
3. Persistent Aura - Greco-Mayan Civilisation
4. Saffron Slumber - Mind Revealer
5. NatureLovesCourage - El Alien (Trance Mix)
6. Globular - Synesthesiasia
7. Ekoplex - Forest Shaman
8. Jar Jar Binks - Psychedelic Experience
9. Bezoar vs Onionbrain - Mindless
10. NatureLovesCourage - Terence McKenna @ Uxmal '98

Terence McKenna Performs with Lost at Last from Allan Lundell on Vimeo.

cover image by Dominic's pics