25 December 2011

Das Kraftfuttermischwerk - Kleines Ganzes

blogger, music connoisseur and producer Ronny of Das Kraftfuttermischwerk has graced us with another wonderful LP full of melodies, bass and love: Kleines Ganzes. think of it as the classic minimal dub/techno sounds of thinner streamlined and set to a chilled dubstep beat- deep, hypnotic, emotional, as is Das KFMW style. perfect for relaxing after whatever holiday or family event you might have had to endure recently.

Direct download: ZIP

and if you just can't get enough music, don't miss Das KFMW's excellent Advent Calendar collection of dj mixes, also tending toward deep dubby sounds. fantastisch!

10 December 2011

Space Station - Transmission

'Transmission' is an excellent album of classic spacemusic with a modern touch by Portugal-based producer Bernard Lampreia, ranging from rhythmic sequences and synth solos to deep ethereal soundscapes and cinematic energy. If you're a fan of the "Berlin-school" sound, don't miss this album!
available for free download on bandcamp