25 February 2015

Cosmic Consciousness

The third part of my "Cosmic" mix series, this time focusing on some of my favorite ambient releases from 2014.

As our human descendants leave our home planet and move into interstellar space, we will need not only new technology but a new kind of consciousness. To travel the vast distances between the stars and galaxies, we will have to learn to warp not only space but time as well, since space and time are only dimensions of the same unified field. Along the way we may discover that the unified field of the space-time continuum is the same as the unified field of infinite consciousness...

Liquid Bloom - Whispers of Our Ancestors
Loren Nerell + Mark Seelig - Kayon
Simon Haiduk - Source Field Reverberations (edit)
Andrew Lahiff - The Ringing of Silent Bells
Frore - The Bell Garden
Chris Russell + eyes cast down - Afterimages
David Helpling + Jon Jenkins - Found