11 September 2007

weigl & hoffmann + krill.minima

two new & notable releases by the legendary netaudio portal thinner today -

for all fans of the most listenable electro-acoustic experimentations, dont miss the brand-new release by a true innovator of netaudio, Philipp Weigl. warm ambient atmospheres, hushed vocals, touches of melodic acoustic instruments, backed by a barely noticeable subtle smooth techno pulse. essential moody listening for all seasons!

also newly released is a dubby ambient LP 'Urlaub Auf Balkonien' by krill.minima (aka Marsen Jules), a worthy follow-up to the minimal ambient masterpiece 'Zwischen zwei und einer Sekunde' slow, quiet and subtle, this lp took me a couple listens to get into, but its beginning to grow on me...

05 September 2007

Text Adventure - Fantastic Disaster

i wanted to take a few minutes to spotlight one of my all-time favourite netaudio releases - this little gem by the Glascow duo Text Adventure, released on Observatory Online, a now-silent netlable with a short but sweet selection of releases. glitchy 8-bit electronics, acoustic guitars and timid falsetto vocals make up this a magical little trippy acoustic/electropop gem. although this release is a couple years old now, these songs are still constantly stuck in my head.

it has been rumoured that a new full-length album, charmingly titled 'I Believe in Lassies' will be released soon. let us hope that it doesnt get lost in the infinite 'coming soon' category...

04 September 2007

Muxu - Show Us Your Weak Side

Monotonik, one of the first netlables ever, and the netlable that started my netaudio obsession has sadly been pretty dead lately. there has been a few interesting releases, but nothing of the quality and originality of classics like Latatoo, Aze, or Aleksi Virta meets Tortsi at the Space Lounge. (it should also be noted that Monotonik was the portal for most of Planet Boelex's previous excellent releases)

however, i found the latest release from newcomers muxu (noted as Monotonik's first release from Malaysia) to be quite enjoyable. it reminded me quite strongly of The Ablum Leaf or Four Tet, a pleasing mix of subtle beats, piano, quiet guitars and rhodes mixed with warm electronics. like all good eps, it left me with a pleasant feeling but wanting more. perhaps things are looking up for Montonik?

03 September 2007

Planet Boelex - Suunta

in case you dont keep up with the Kahvi netlabel, the newest release is an absolute must-have. finnish producer planet boelex is the master of warmly chilled electronic ambient idm, and each release keeps getting better and better. the usual planet boelex devices are deftly employed here - precisely syncopated percussion, endlessly deep bass, wandering warbling pads, delay-soaked glitchy fx and soaring leads, along with a new element - a track featuring vocals from chillout songwriter Krister Linder. also featured in this release is hi-resolution HD 16x9 artwork by a certain designer..
i dont think i am exaggerating in saying, this is so far the best netaudio release of 2007. i dont use such superlatives often, but i have listened to this release practically nonstop since it appeared, and it simply keeps getting better and better. an absolute masterpiece of intelligent electronica.

planet boelex is also offering these tracks as lossless flac downloads. i didnt think that it would be a big difference from the already high quality 320kbps mp3s, but listening to the lossless audio files truly gives that extra special sparkle, tickling the ears in an ever so pleasing way...