21 December 2013

Timewave Infinity - Winter Solstice 2013

American philosopher and speaker Terence McKenna is widely regarded as one of the progenitors of the 2012 phenomenon, the fabled date of 21 December, 2012 playing an integral part in his "Timewave Zero" theory (ok, technically it's a more of a philosophical hypothesis, but still...) The Timewave deals with the idea that time is not strictly linear but each moment is a confluence of intersecting fractal interrelationships and each event is inextricably linked with other events past and future. According to his proposal, these interrelationships can be mapped with a fractal curve based on the 64 hexagrams of the Chinese divination system, the I Ching. Unfortunately for the longevity of the idea, Terence proposed that the influx of changes would reach a Singularity on the end of the13th b'ak'tun of the Mayan long-count calendar, the winter solstice of 2012, ringing in an unimaginable future of infinite possibility (or something.)
Although 2012 and 2013 were indeed years of great upheaval, political unrest and transformation, the universe for the most part continues to function much as it did before the big date and many people claimed the Timewave to be a failure. However, the true nature of a fractal is infinite; rather than having a clear beginning or end, it spirals in upon itself in endlessly unfolding variations. And so it is with our existence- our collective confluence of energies multiply and amplify as we ascend more and more rapidly to an unknown destination. But because a fractal never truly ends, that destination will likely be yet another beginning...

Sphingida - Over The Depth
Tara Putra - Between The Sphere
Ekaologik - Lake Travel
Globular - Fire & Stars
Scopes - Daze
Kurbeats - Mono-Poly Wants A Cracker
Maharishi - Call Of The Ancients
Radioactive Sandwich - Bhagwan
JBC Arkadii - Molekula
Chronos - Time Keeper
eleMental - Dansul Ielelor
Tentura - Melting
Spectrum Vision - Sympotronic
Perfect Blind - Exosphere
Rob Vector - Mars
ByTheRain - Interstellar Medium
Den Wave - Earth
Alba - Arising And Passing Away
Xenofish - Blurred Matrix

all tracks are from the excellent netlabel ektoplazm.com and are available for free download under a Creative Commons license

22 September 2013

Equinox Equanimity - Fall Equinox 2013

Equinox Equanimity [Autumn 2013] by Hiddenplacemusic on Mixcloud

As the endless interlocking cycles of the celestial bodies pass through the point where light and shadow are equally distributed across both hemispheres of the globe we call home, I hope this specially selected blend of pure ambient music balances the opposites within and helps you relax into a harmonious experience of Oneness. Just breathe...
Special thanks to JKN, S1gns, and the whole Relaxed Machinery crew for their passion for the music, and for pointing me to many of the tracks in this mix. Thanks also to musicians like Altus, Palancar, and Philip Wilkerson who generously offer their work free of charge.

Andrew Lahiff - Whispering Leaves
Massergy - Then The Sky
Palancar - Reiner Gamma
Altus - Magellanic Clouds
Max Corbacho - The Great Breath
Rudy Adrian - Fading Light
Meg Bowles - Nightwalk Across the Isle of Dream
Max Corbacho - Choir Ecstasy
Phillip Wilkerson - Two Breaths of Forever
Altus - For All Time
├ąpne sinn - deep breath out

20 June 2013

Sunlight Cycle Intention - Summer Solstice 2013

Sunlight Cycle Intention [Summer Solstice 2013] by Hiddenplacemusic on Mixcloud

Continuing on a similar vein as last year's Summer Solstice mix- deep tribal ambient music for intense transformation...

It's been a long and cold winter where I live, but the arrival of the summer solstice and a few warm days brings hope for a season of light. As we enter the summer season, I set my intention that the light of awakening cuts through the darkness of ignorance and separation as we pass into a new era of personal and global evolution. It's time to do the Great Work.

Chad Kettering - The Mesa
Steve Roach, Michael Stearns, Ron Sunsinger - North Kiva (Trust And Remember)
Frore - Fevered Sleep
Soriah with Ashkelon Sain - Chylandyk
Steve Brand - Return Of The Masters
Byron Metcalf - Facing The Truth
vidnaObmana - Forest Arrow live
Steve Roach, Byron Metcalf - The Magma Clan
Apollonius - Return to Sacred Soil
Steve Brand - Mountain Pass/Suspension Vision

14 May 2013

Return to Flight

Return to Flight by Hiddenplacemusic on Mixcloud

A mix of (mostly) creative commons ambient spacemusic which I put together in 2005 in honor of the "Return to Flight" STS-114 Space Shuttle mission, the first mission after the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. During the mission, Mission Specialist Steve Robinson recorded an audio file dubbed "the first podcast from space" clips of which are included in this mix.

Michael Sandler - The Opening
Numina - Blinding Light
Gulan - Sphere
Kurrel the Raven - Way Out
Daniel Stefanik - Earth View
Blamstrain - 031231 (Theme for a Wordless Moment)
Martin Donath - Plateau White District
FootFall - Viola Nebulae
Yasahi - Space Odessey
softspace - Navigation
Phyle - Gravity/Home
Musir von Vidalia - Locus (part 1)
Frank Molder - Reparatur im Weltraum

07 April 2013

you are floating

You are floating by Hiddenplacemusic on Mixcloud

some tunes i've been enjoying lately. eastern-flavored glitchy dubstep, psychedelic ambient, downtempo grooves, deep sound journeys... good headphones recommended!

most of the tracks are available for free download from Ektoplazm, but if you do want to buy something, I recommend Futexture's EP - good music and 100% of the proceeds go to support Rainforest Action Network!

1. Temple Step Project - Truth and Grace
from Embrace The One

2. Zoungla - Anahata
from Entwine

3. Radioactive Sandwich - Immortals Made Of Stone
from Full Moon

4. Globular - Mamon
from Sorbet for the Soul

5. Hinkstep - Aldrig Mer
from Into This Wired Abyss

6. Zebbler Encanti Experience - Psychic Projections (feat. Dante Bucci)
from Psychic Projections

7. Futexture - New
from Experiential Topography EP

8. Sun In Aquarius - Wytaliba (The Girl by the River)
from Evolving Freedom

9. Cosmic Alliance Romixpsy - Elprincipio Y El Final
from Little Pieces Of Infinity: Second Chapter

10. Shantifax - Northern Lights
from Complete Tranceformation