31 August 2007

KiloWatts - Uprouted

there was an unusual occurrence, i actually payed to download music! once again the riaa is proved wrong, and free downloads [sometimes] encourage the actual purchasing of music. i was listening to a live set by glitchmaster KiloWatts, and two tracks near the end (Weird Little Creatures and One Everchanging) immediately caught my ear. KW was kind enough to offer weird little creatures as a free download(right-click here) and the song was immediately ingrained in my head, thereby giving me the desire to play the track at full volume in my car. i like to support artists who make quality music, and i like download shops that offer lossless flac downloads. the aformentioned tracks are available at an affordable price at the KiloWatts Shop.
normally glitch idm gets on my nerves very quickly, but kilowatts is making some very listenable music...

backlog: and for more glitchy goodness, dont miss the classic 'microcosmos lp' by one of my favourite producers, jason corder (also known as off the sky)

28 August 2007

chillout/idm double feature

short feature today - two recent releases by two of my favourite chilled idm artists - Motionfield and Das Kraftfuttermischwerk.

backlog: dont miss motionfield's excellent release from '06, Northern Lights

in other news, Comfort Fit's poor hamster died a few days ago. the world is sad to lose such a being who was witness to the creation of one of the all-time best netaudio releases, Forget and Remember. dont miss the massiv beat Boris created as a eulogy for Bounce the hamster.

22 August 2007

Mr Moods - In Love We Trust...

Nothing is better for driving through the city on a hot day than gritty, downtempo beats. this release fits the bill very nicely. mr moods (not to be confused with a certain other very special artist) keeps the beatz rollin and mixes it up with an eclectic array of samples and sound-mashups, along with vocal samples seemlingly centred around illicit relationships. all in all, an excellently produced ep of downtempo and instrumental hip-hop.
if you enjoy this album, also dont miss his side project, Prototype 68, a slightly more ambient and abstract take on the genre. a must for fans of dj shadow and the turntablist pioneers of asphodel records...

12 August 2007

shameless self-promotion

in a shameless bit of self-promotion, i've begun to put together a music section of my homepage, including my ambient/worldmusic albums, experimental stuff, and a couple dj mixes. far from perfect, but its a start at least..