19 July 2016

Journey East

 An epic journey through exotic eastern lands via some favorite movie soundtracks and a few lesser-known tracks. 

We start our journey leaving home and saying Farewell At The Coast, following Rob The Physician towards Persia in search of knowledge and answers. We travel The Pilgrim Road hopping to find The King(dom of heaven) finally taking rest at The Imperial City at the center of The Great Middle East. Weary from our journey, we are lured by seductive Desert Mermaids into the Temple of De'Light. Having succumbed to Avaritia we slip into a deep sleep, dreaming of the great Ganges, lulled further into dreams by Pi's Lullaby on the First Night, First Day. We awake inspired by our visions, our Asian Destiny calls us further east, Before Time steals away our adventure. Our long journey may leave us Yearning For Peace but we must join the Hero, wary of the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and other unknown dangers as we travel the Silk Road. Luck is with us and we find Safe Passage, finally joining Katsumoto The Last Samurai as he finds A Small Measure of Peace (and perfect cherry blossoms)

[00:00] Farewell at the Coast 
[03:19] The Physician Suite  
from The Physician soundtrack by Ingo Ludwig Frenzel
[10:39] The Pilgrim Road
[14:34] The King
from The Kingdom of Heaven soundtrack by Harry Gregson-Williams
[20:04] The Imperial City
from Rebirth by BrunuhVille
[23:33] The Great Middle East (feat. Aliye) 
from Earth by Michael Maas
[25:52] Desert Mermaids 
from Anima by BrunuhVille
[28:45] Temple of De'Light
from Gateways of Consciousness by Kaminanda
[34:49] Avaritia 
from Diva by Martins Garden and Yechidah
[41:19] Ganges (feat. Sunil Kant Saxena)
from Earth by Michael Maas
[43:47] Pi's Lullaby
[47:17] First Night, First Day 
from The Life of Pi soundtrack by Mychael Danna
[50:46] Asian Destiny (feat. Deborah Tan)
from Earth by Michael Maas
[53:00] Before Time
from Sun by Thomas Bergersen
[55:11] Yearning for the Peace
[58:24] Hero: Overture
from Hero soundtrack by Tan Dun, Itzhak Perlman, Kodo
[60:02] Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
[65:47] Silk Road
from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon soundtrack by Tan Dun with Yo-Yo Ma
[68:46] Safe Passage
[73:36] A Small Measure Of Peace
from The Last Samurai soundtrack by Hans Zimmer

Cover art by James Gurney

25 March 2016

Cosmic Battle

As humanity moves out to explore the cosmos, we will no doubt encounter other creatures and sentient beings in the vast reaches of our galaxy. Having mostly overcome the urge to fight among ourselves on our own planet, it nevertheless seems likely a space-faring humanity will find itself once again in the midst of conflicts over precious resources and territories even more complex and ancient than our own. Despite the unimaginable size of our galaxy, life-supporting planets are likely very rare in the universe. Having narrowly avoided the destruction of our own planet by learning to work in harmony, this future humanity will hopefully be equipped to handle conflict in a more wise and effective way than we have in our past (but still, epic space battles would be pretty cool too...)

Chronos - Muzeon
Wolf-e-Wolf - Purple Planet
Dysphemic - Decompression
Caelis - Kinematik
Dysphemic - Swamp Planet
Kuda - Ocean's Bane
Cybernetika - The Outcast Of Deadspace
Re-Set - Inexpressible
Infragreen - Another fantastic planet (revisited by Polygon Ring)
Halo Refuser - Internal Navigator
Atman Construct - Delusions Of Granular
Wolf-e-Wolf - Purple Planet (Shlump Remix)
HuuHaa - Hacktivation