03 April 2012

Terence Day 2012

Terence Day is a celebration of the life and ideas of author, speaker, philosopher and futurist Terence McKenna, especially the idea of "boundary disillusion" a concept he referred to often during his many talks. It is celebrated on April 3rd, the day Terence crossed the boundary between life and death in the year 2000 after a losing battle with a rare form of brain cancer. This year's Terence Day is of special import, as some of the ideas about the year 2012 being a time of radical transformation are part of a cultural meme which Terence had a large part in initiating.
All the music in this mix comes from the excellent netlabel Ektoplazm, so all the tracks are available as free downloads under the creative commons license. Two of the tracks are from Globular's brilliant new release A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, an absolute must-have for all fans of dubby downtempo psychedelic music and a shining example of the stunning quality of music available for free at Ektoplazm.
A few extra clips of Terence McKenna talking about boundary disillusion are from Psychedelic Salon podcast 295 "The World and It's Double"

1. Koan - At the Sunset/Entanglement
from The Signs: Entanglement

2. Ancient Core - Psychedelic Echosystem
from Mysterious Nights v02

3. Uth - Reflections Of Consciousness
from Distant Instincts

4. Digital Conception - The Mystical Quest
from The Return of Quetzalcoatl

5. Globular - To The Other Side Of Fractal Phase Space
from A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

 6. Mindsphere - Presence
from Interdimensional Gateway 2

7. Sephira - The Beginning Of The End
from Imagination In Motion

8. Globular - Feeding Back Forwards
from A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

artwork by Smoke Jaguar