14 May 2013

Return to Flight

Return to Flight by Hiddenplacemusic on Mixcloud

A mix of (mostly) creative commons ambient spacemusic which I put together in 2005 in honor of the "Return to Flight" STS-114 Space Shuttle mission, the first mission after the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. During the mission, Mission Specialist Steve Robinson recorded an audio file dubbed "the first podcast from space" clips of which are included in this mix.

Michael Sandler - The Opening
Numina - Blinding Light
Gulan - Sphere
Kurrel the Raven - Way Out
Daniel Stefanik - Earth View
Blamstrain - 031231 (Theme for a Wordless Moment)
Martin Donath - Plateau White District
FootFall - Viola Nebulae
Yasahi - Space Odessey
softspace - Navigation
Phyle - Gravity/Home
Musir von Vidalia - Locus (part 1)
Frank Molder - Reparatur im Weltraum