29 October 2010

twitter links

As you may have noticed, real-life obligations have prevented me from posting here as often as I would like. However, I frequently post links to my most interesting new musical discoveries on my twitter feed (along with occasional cynical political commentary, rants, venting, and links to random weird stuff). Because not everyone uses twitter, here is a summary of some of the [mostly] creative commons music links I have "tweeted" in the last couple weeks.

A dark, groaning, spacey atmosphere - Desolatus by @ (available only until 31 Oct!)

lovely acoustic music for autumn -- Maps & Transit 'Songs for Divining' on @ -

a brand-new dark/weird/noise idm release by idmf label

new Lucette Bourdin/Darrell Burgan collab out on Earth Mantra. deep cinematic ambient

new interactive iphone app featuring the music of Steve Roach http://ericfreeman.com/immersion/

new album by Etnoscope on @ progressive tribal trance at its best!

dubby chilled drum n bass album by Spotless aka Kondencuotas Pienas

Hypnagogue podcast number 38. "please leave your body at the sound of the tone"

sadly i dont speak dutch, but the newest netwaves has some great "idiot dance music"

Tange - Eternal Dreaming-- 5 hours of peaceful drifting ambience on Treetrunk Records

another great idm mix by phalanx

"mystical environmental sonic poetry" by Gastón Arévalo

Psilicon Dreams 11 for October 2010

new experimental dream pop/folk album by german sound design maestro Emil Klotzsch http://emilklotzsch.bandcamp.com/

Awesome new track by @planetboelex on the new kahvi.org compilation. two tunes for the price of one!

new edition of low light mixes featuring tracks with vocoder sounds- air, eno, boards of canada, robert rich, etc http://is.gd/fRlmG

really nice world music flavored ambient/chillout mix from elpamusic http://bit.ly/aINbgb

eclectic dnb: Zengineers - The 5th Realm http://www.ideology.de/archives/audio000241.php

beautiful, lush, melodic idm sounds: Rumorse - Halogen Eve http://www.i-absentee.com/IA036.html

As a reminder to those reading this in an rss reader, I also share new music links on the right side of the blog page, and through my Google shared items.

27 October 2010

aKido - Gamechanger

In the process of writing the reviews for this blog, I've discovered that often the best music is incredibly hard to describe. Gamechanger is just such an album. As I listen to it, any attempt to define it or make comparisons seems insufficient. I just know it's good. aKido combines intricately sequenced idm-esque beats, electro melodies and a smattering of ethereal vocals with rhythmic guitars and post-rock elements, but in such a way that it transcends any attempt to attribute genres or influences. Brilliantly composed and produced, this album is a must-have for fans of melancholy, emotive electronic music.