25 December 2011

Das Kraftfuttermischwerk - Kleines Ganzes

blogger, music connoisseur and producer Ronny of Das Kraftfuttermischwerk has graced us with another wonderful LP full of melodies, bass and love: Kleines Ganzes. think of it as the classic minimal dub/techno sounds of thinner streamlined and set to a chilled dubstep beat- deep, hypnotic, emotional, as is Das KFMW style. perfect for relaxing after whatever holiday or family event you might have had to endure recently.

Direct download: ZIP

and if you just can't get enough music, don't miss Das KFMW's excellent Advent Calendar collection of dj mixes, also tending toward deep dubby sounds. fantastisch!

10 December 2011

Space Station - Transmission

'Transmission' is an excellent album of classic spacemusic with a modern touch by Portugal-based producer Bernard Lampreia, ranging from rhythmic sequences and synth solos to deep ethereal soundscapes and cinematic energy. If you're a fan of the "Berlin-school" sound, don't miss this album!
available for free download on bandcamp

02 November 2011

Akara - Extradimensional Ethnography

Ancient & modern, acoustic & electronic, sacred & sensual, ethereal & worldly... the music of the Akara project collapses dualities and guides the listener into a state of aural samadhi with a sonic ceremony in the form of an album called Extradimensional Ethnography. this transcendent album is an absolute must-have for fans of globally-flavored grooves with a psychedelic touch, and has quickly become my top favorite release of 2011.
the album can be streamed in full on bandcamp, and is also available on CD and from the usual digital outlets

22 October 2011

Mix roundup - end of summer 2011

As posts here have once again gotten scarce, here is a short selection of dj mixes and podcasts I've particularly enjoyed during the last few months

Futexture - Energetic Substrate Mix Fall 2011
A short but wonderful mix of Philip Glass, glitchy idm tracks and a well-placed Alan Watts sample

Rox - Plant Chants
A multi-cultural mix of shamanic music to expand your awareness (lots of other great psychill & trance mixes on his site too)

Radio BSOTS #116
thoughtful spoken word about the spiritual walk and eclectic soulful music

Pingipung Podcast #12 - Please be quiet I am thinking
Absolutely gorgeous electro-acoustic modern classical/soundtrack music mixed by the owner of the wonderful Aerotone-netlabel

Nova - Mondlicht
any mix featuring Telefon Tel Aviv, HUVA Network and Solar Fields is pretty much guaranteed to be excellent. deep idm/psychill atmospheres..

Expand Your Musical Horizons #78
a fine selection of downtempo and chillout tracks

DF Tram and DJ Rich-Ears present Lunar Fizz
An epic and eclectic mix with lots of interesting and entertaining sound clips thrown in

phalanx live at zajkert - modem debrecen 2011.09.09
another excellent mix by phalanx. as always, expect nothing less than top-notch ambient, chill, and glitchy idm grooves

a very atmospheric blend of chill, ambient, and drum n bass.

12 September 2011

Centz - Multiverse

Multiverse, Centz' 2nd release on Dusted Wax Kingdom is a long-player of chilled out downtempo beats with moody clips and samples about the search for the existence of God, and the meaning of life. Its a great album for an evening of relaxed contemplation or abstract creative thinking.

Direct download: ZIP

04 September 2011

Robert Carty - Photonic Movements

Platonic Movements by veteran producer Robert Carty, released for free on the Earth Mantra netlabel is some of the finest deep, atmospheric spacemusic i've heard in a while. a richly detailed mix of subtle Berlin-school sequencer touches, floating pads, soaring leads and sparkling stardust make for an intensely rewarding immersive listening experience.
available as flac and mp3 from archive.org

05 July 2011

Space Forming Vol. 3

Russian/ukrainian netlabel Gliese 581c were first introduced to me when they co-distributed several of their releases on my current favorite netlabel Ektoplazm. Gliese 581c presents a modest but growing catalog of music centered around psytrance, chillout and dub styles.
I have especially enjoyed their Space Forming compilation series, and Vol. 3 is a monster! 2.5 hours of the finest in deep psychill downtempo ambient. If you're a fan of artists like Solar Fields, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Shpongle or Bluetech, do not miss this compilation!
Direct download: ZIP (mp3)

29 May 2011

Siddhartha Barnhoorn - Pillars of Light

for his debut solo release, prolific film and television composer Siddhartha Barnhoorn presents Pillars of Light, a mini-album of deep cinematic spacemusic which could be the soundtrack for an as-yet unmade scifi thriller. as the music unfolds, images appear in the mind's eye of epic space battles above the horizon of a distant world, colliding planets, gigantic spacecraft soaring through burning nebulae, and maybe even a secret meeting of two alien lovers under a purple twilight sky of vibrant stars. highly recommended listening for fans of ambient music with a vastness measured in lightyears.

03 April 2011

Terence Day 2011

download mp3 98 MB 160kbps
mix currently unavailable- contact for download link

once again this mix for Terence Day was thrown together somewhat at the last minute, but i decided to post it anyway. i have been spending my time preparing for the Breaking Convention conference going on this weekend at the University of Kent where i will be helping the lads from the Shroom with a View podcast record conversations and interviews for their show. stay tuned for more on that.
once again its a [somewhat disjointed] mix of consciousness-expanding psytrance, ambient and downtempo music which features samples of The Bard McKenna (and sometimes other people) speaking. the mix begins with the audio from a rare video (embedded below) of Terence performing a wild blend of spoken word poetry, chant and glossolalia with the band Lost at Last. also included is the track El Alien by NatureLovesCourage which is better known as the theme song to the Psychedelic Salon, the podcast which first introduced me to Terence McKenna.
"each artist is an antenna to the transcendental other, and as we go with our own history into that thing, and then create a unique confluence of our uniqueness, and its uniqueness, we collectively create an arrow. An arrow out of history, out of time, perhaps even out of matter, that will redeem, then, the idea that man is good. This is the promise of art, and its fulfillment is never more near than the present moment."

1. Terence McKenna Performs with Lost at Last
2. Space Time Continuum - Alien Love
3. Persistent Aura - Greco-Mayan Civilisation
4. Saffron Slumber - Mind Revealer
5. NatureLovesCourage - El Alien (Trance Mix)
6. Globular - Synesthesiasia
7. Ekoplex - Forest Shaman
8. Jar Jar Binks - Psychedelic Experience
9. Bezoar vs Onionbrain - Mindless
10. NatureLovesCourage - Terence McKenna @ Uxmal '98

Terence McKenna Performs with Lost at Last from Allan Lundell on Vimeo.

cover image by Dominic's pics

26 March 2011


Aethesia was released a couple of months ago on as the debut release of the Energostatic netlabel and every time I put my ipod on shuffle and a track from it comes up, I think "wow this is goooood!" Not only are the individual tracks of top quality, but the overall flow fits  together perfectly- a blend of dubby minimal techno and hazy ambient spheres which will leave fans of chilled nighttime electronica deeply satisfied.

13 March 2011

Abre Ojos - Chakras

Melbourne artist Abre Ojos has created a fascinating series of ambient music video meditations based on the 7 chakras, or energy centers of the human body. in stark contrast to the sugary angelic "new agey" music usually associated with chakra meditation music, the music in these videos is deep and dark, almost ominous. the sometimes harsh and mechanical soundscapes might be at first off-putting for those who are not fans of dark ambient music, but the long reverberant drones make for a very interesting deep meditation experience. accompanying the music are slowly-evolving kaleidoscopic mandala-like animations which greatly enhance the hypnotic, meditative atmosphere.
the first of the videos, "Root" is embedded below. five more can be streamed or downloaded from his vimeo page and the seventh is available only on the Chakras dvd (which includes lossless flac downloads)

Root from abre ojos on Vimeo.