07 September 2010

Hiddenplace dj mix roundup

lately a lot of my daily listening consists of podcasts and dj mixes. They don't really lend themselves to individual review, so here's a semi-random selection of mixes I've particularly enjoyed lately:

Ambient Dubstep 1- 7
Not really ambient, not really dubstep. I'd call it dubby chillout. In any case, very enjoyable.

Michael Gaida - Mindscapes 97
deep proggy house, perfect vibes for (what's left of) summer

Nick Warren - isolatedmix 10
One half of UK techno duo Way Out West spins a very chilled and eclectic mix of electro-acoustic ambient tracks.

phalanx - downtempo set @ melyvarazs
Finest selection of netlabel downtempo/idm/brokenbeat grooves.

Michael Gaida - Urban Sounds .06
another mix by Michael Gaida, but this time drum n bass. to be honest, this "liquid drum n bass" pretty much all sounds the same to me, but I don't care. It's great for a mid-afternoon mood lifter.

Lenzman - Reprize.021
More smooth and soulful drum n bass, with vocalist Riya acting as MC. maybe not for everyone, but a little something different.

PsyAmb 29
Every episode of the Psy-Amb podcast is great, and I found myself listening to this one several times. as usual, a top-notch mix of deep dubby and mellow moods, along with very detailed and informative show notes.

TC - Flying Dutchman 2010-08-16 The Needles
Don't miss season 6 of one of the first electronic music podcasts ever, spacemusic.nl