21 June 2012

summer solstice ceremony

in every culture on the planet, the summer and winter solstices have marked an important turning point and were cause for celebration, prayer and ritual. it's unfortunate that our modern western civilization has divorced us from such ceremonies and rites of passage. i hope this mix of tribal-inspired ambient music inspires you to breathe deeply and reconnect with the intrinsic rhythms of nature as we enter another cycle in the great turning wheel of time.

1. Andrew Lahiff - Into Willow Canyon
from Cosmic Archaeology

2. Shane Morris - The Earth Speaks
from Equinox

3. Steve Brand - Circular Scriptures
from Circular Scriptures

4. Max Corbacho - The Resonant Memory of Earth
from The Resonant Memory of Earth

5. Steve Roach - begins looking skyward
from Early Man

6. Mystified with Robin Storey - Short Meditation
from Music For Transit

7. Frore - Axis Mundi (edit)

8. Steve Roach , Michael Stearns , Ron Sunsinger - Passage Four" & "The Center"
from Kiva

9. Steve Roach - A Circular Ceremony
from Dreamtime Return

artwork by Smoke Jaguar