25 March 2016

Cosmic Battle

As humanity moves out to explore the cosmos, we will no doubt encounter other creatures and sentient beings in the vast reaches of our galaxy. Having mostly overcome the urge to fight among ourselves on our own planet, it nevertheless seems likely a space-faring humanity will find itself once again in the midst of conflicts over precious resources and territories even more complex and ancient than our own. Despite the unimaginable size of our galaxy, life-supporting planets are likely very rare in the universe. Having narrowly avoided the destruction of our own planet by learning to work in harmony, this future humanity will hopefully be equipped to handle conflict in a more wise and effective way than we have in our past (but still, epic space battles would be pretty cool too...)

Chronos - Muzeon
Wolf-e-Wolf - Purple Planet
Dysphemic - Decompression
Caelis - Kinematik
Dysphemic - Swamp Planet
Kuda - Ocean's Bane
Cybernetika - The Outcast Of Deadspace
Re-Set - Inexpressible
Infragreen - Another fantastic planet (revisited by Polygon Ring)
Halo Refuser - Internal Navigator
Atman Construct - Delusions Of Granular
Wolf-e-Wolf - Purple Planet (Shlump Remix)
HuuHaa - Hacktivation