31 August 2010

Makunouchi Bento - Swimé

Romanian producer Makunouchi Bento's newest release Swimé is an ambitious avant garde work containing an exotic blend of organic instrumentation, electronic effects, and a jungle of clicks, buzzes, chirps, screeches, and roars. each movement in the work tumbles through a cavalcade of colorful vignettes. in one passage, an abrasive barrage of chaotic sound design breaks into a soaring string quartet arrangement accompanied by an out of tune toy piano. in another, a wandering accordion is baked by rhythmic splashing water and tropical balinese chimes. Swimé is an album full of surprises and aural curiosities for fans of the cutting edge of sound design and classical composition.

05 August 2010

Nettless - Phobos and Deimos

with the double album Phobos and Deimos, released to the world by the ambient über-netlabel Earth Mantra, finnish producer Nettless graces us with 2 hours of blissful spacemusic. 129 minutes of deepest empty coldness, brightest white-hot light, shining quasars, streaming supernovae, and massive galaxy clusters- lightyears distant yet beaming into your ears like tiny pinpricks of starlight...

04 August 2010

A Shroom with a View

a couple weeks ago i had a lovely skype conversation with nexus112 from A Shroom with a View podcast. we talked about conspiracy theories, the technological singularity, creative commons music, meditation, entheogens, being your own shaman, the meaning of the psychedelic experience, and probably some other stuff ive forgotten about. somehow we managed to record it and Nex made it into episode 20 and 21 of his podcast. i cant promise it will be remotely interesting to anyone else, but i had a good time, and the SWAV podcast is definitely recommended if youre interested in mycology, psychedelic thinking, celtic music and odd scottish humor.