21 December 2012

Genesis Generation 2012

A mix of transcendent transglobal electronic music and spoken word to help launch your consciousness into the fifth dimension! Turn down the lights, light a candle, sacrifice your favorite plant to the fire gods, turn it up loud and let these beats and atmospheres propel your ever-awakening awareness into the great Oneness of the Singularity, the Eschaton, the Transcendental Object at the end of HisStory.

For more about "The Genesis Generation" check out Lorenzo Hagerty's novel here.

1. Desert Dwellers feat. Darpan - New Generation (Temple Step Project Remix)
from Recalibrated Vol. 1

2. Akara - Invoking the Unnameable
from Extradimensional Ethnography

3. Kaminanda  - As above...So below
from Gateways of Consciousness

4. Niyaz - Mazaar
from Sumud

5. Temple Step Project - Medicine Temple
from SUBBASS - Ethnostep 2

6. Bombay Dub Orchestra - Monsoon Malabar (Force of Change Remix)
from New York Remixes

7. Whitebear - Primal Stomp
from Fragmnts

8. Irukanji feat. JazzyFlute - Out From Little Box (AstroPilot Edit)
from Special Places

9. CaveDave - The Sun In Here
from Time Loop: Beyond Borders

10. Harmonic Frequency - Fractal Forest
from Power Of The Flower

11. Ekoplex - Crossroads
from Discovering The Ancient

12. AstroPilot - Earth Moon
from Solar System

13. Ott - Adrift In Hilbert Space
from Mir

14. Younger Brother - Train
from Vaccine

15. Ascoil Sun - Sun Therapy
from Emergence

16. Cygna - Camaras De Lamento
from Special Places

17. SeaMoon - Nebula
from Solar System

18. Ovnimoon - Galactic Mantra (With Via Axis And ItomLab)
from Geometric Poetry

19. Random - Cosmic Dreamer
from Natural Selection V.2

20. Shantifax - Out Is In
from Delete Automation

21. Midival Punditz - Vande Maataram (Electro Indian mix)
from Natural Born Chillers 2

22. Michael Stearns/Lisa Gerrard - Organics
from Samsara soundtrack

23. Ulrich Schnauss - Monday-Paracetamol
from A Strangely Isolated Place

24. Auma  - Exit round

25. Midival Punditz - Drifting
from Six Degrees Records Global Grooves Sampler

26. Tipper - Rip Cord
from Spirit of La Selva