15 July 2007

Explosions in the Sky - All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone

i know big epic post-rock isnt everyone's thing, but ive really been digging the newest album from texan lads Explosions in the Sky, All of A Sudden I Miss Everyone. i heard they recorded the tracks on this album live, with no overdubs and minimal editing (i didnt bother to check this fact, but it sounds cool). anyway, its immediately obvious upon listening that each track is precisely planned, endlessly rehearsed, and flawlessly performed - all to great effect. blazing emotional soundscapes brimming with an almost exhausting intensity at once assault and soothe your ear. other long and meaningless descriptive phrases spring into mind, but theres plenty of other blogs and reviews for that....
definitely get your hands on the two-disc 'special edition' with a second disc of remixes. i know, at first i raised my eyebrows at the thought of explosions in the sky remixes, but the ones presented here are quite fascinating in contrast with the album versions. each one is expertly produced, but still very respectful of the emotion and energy of the original - none of these screams 'this is a remix' like so many remixes do. the only one with beats of any sort is the Four Tet remix, a fascinating idm+rock blend which works surprisingly well.
many have hailed this album as Explosions' most mature work yet, and i quite agree. chances are, if youve head of explosions in the sky and liked them at some point, or think you might like them, youll love this album.

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