31 August 2007

KiloWatts - Uprouted

there was an unusual occurrence, i actually payed to download music! once again the riaa is proved wrong, and free downloads [sometimes] encourage the actual purchasing of music. i was listening to a live set by glitchmaster KiloWatts, and two tracks near the end (Weird Little Creatures and One Everchanging) immediately caught my ear. KW was kind enough to offer weird little creatures as a free download(right-click here) and the song was immediately ingrained in my head, thereby giving me the desire to play the track at full volume in my car. i like to support artists who make quality music, and i like download shops that offer lossless flac downloads. the aformentioned tracks are available at an affordable price at the KiloWatts Shop.
normally glitch idm gets on my nerves very quickly, but kilowatts is making some very listenable music...

backlog: and for more glitchy goodness, dont miss the classic 'microcosmos lp' by one of my favourite producers, jason corder (also known as off the sky)

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