04 September 2007

Muxu - Show Us Your Weak Side

Monotonik, one of the first netlables ever, and the netlable that started my netaudio obsession has sadly been pretty dead lately. there has been a few interesting releases, but nothing of the quality and originality of classics like Latatoo, Aze, or Aleksi Virta meets Tortsi at the Space Lounge. (it should also be noted that Monotonik was the portal for most of Planet Boelex's previous excellent releases)

however, i found the latest release from newcomers muxu (noted as Monotonik's first release from Malaysia) to be quite enjoyable. it reminded me quite strongly of The Ablum Leaf or Four Tet, a pleasing mix of subtle beats, piano, quiet guitars and rhodes mixed with warm electronics. like all good eps, it left me with a pleasant feeling but wanting more. perhaps things are looking up for Montonik?

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