28 July 2008

gate zero - coded dream ep

the intentional use of noise is can be a powerful expressive tool when used effectively. an exceptional example of noise-based music which i recently discovered is the coded dream ep. gate zero has been a favorite artist of mine, with releases on thinner and stadtgruen, as well as other excellent releases under his other moniker, spaceTourist (such as last year summer).
his 'coded dream ep' was apparently put out on the now non-existent belladonna records. thankfully it is still available for download directly from his website (.rar download). on this release, gate zero masterfully blends layers upon layers of gentle noise beds which breathe, crackle, ebb and flow. quiet tonal elements, cutup guitar notes, contact mic sounds, and field recordings of natural environments eloquently fade in and out, holding the listener in hypnotic suspension. this is perfect music for listening to with an open window on summer evenings, when the deep noise layers blend seamlessly with the environment around you.

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