28 October 2008

Lokua - Trails

Trails has quickly become one of my favorite instrumental hip-hop LPs of recent months. chicago artist Lokua deftly combines a myriad of samples- distant voices, echoing pianos, cutup jazz records, even native flutes- into a smoothly cohesive LP filled with ambient textures and head-bobbing beats. the mood is chilled yet vibrant and alive.



bob said...

I can't remember where I first found out about Lokua but I became an immediate fan after listening to a few tracks. Very tastey stuff indeed!

Bazooka Joe
solipsistic NATION

Jeff said...

Very nice. Thanks Zed. Now people at the office think I'm the one who listens to strange music. (Anything that isn't the top 40 is strange)

travis said...

glad y'all like it. soon we will take over the world with strange music!

Jeff said...

I will definitely vote for you - If there is a vote.

Timothy said...

Wow. This release is fantastic. It's like a combination of aphilas and crashed by car, with a dubby feel to it.