15 June 2009

Phillip Wilkerson and Tange - Ege Denizi

i have to admit, the pedal steel guitar is not one of my favorite instruments- the twangy sound often used in country music can really grate on my nerves. but the instrument can also be very effectively used in ambient and atmospheric music, providing subtle textures or smooth and ghostly leads. Gordon Macmillian's contributions to Ege Denizi are a wonderful example of the masterfully subtle use of steel guitar-- the gliding amorphous melodies and swelling textures are couched in Phillip Wilkerson's luminous pads, soothing atmospherics and occasional rhythmic elements. as noted by the earth mantra staff, an immensely beautiful, delicate and transcendent release.


music business said...

this is one of the good stuffs i used..

D_Davis said...

Have you heard Bruce Kaphan's album Slider - Ambient Excursions for Pedal Steel Guitar? It is remarkable. One of the all-time great ambient albums.

Or what about Daniel Lanois' more ambient-based PSG music? Such as:

One of the best PSG players around, with a unique style.

travis said...

thanks for the tips, D_Davis! ive heard that Daniel Lanois tune somewhere, but i cant quite place it... Slider sounds interesting too, i may have to grab that one on emusic.