02 September 2009

Darren Harper - Time Forgotten

Time Forgotten is a new release on Earth Mantra, one of my favorite destinations for creative commons ambient music.
floating weightless ambience-- long expansive washes of luminous tones-- distant echoes of the natural world, all mixed to perfection. deep and rich, yet minimal in approach-- ideal music for sleep, meditation, or escaping the third dimension for a time.


music business said...

it has a really nice cover..:)

Marguerite Manteau-Rao said...

Thanks Travis, for stopping by my blog, at Mind Deep. I can't help but feel a concordance between your beautiful sky picture in this post, and the one I discovered this morning while driving on the 101 freeway back from San Francisco airport . . . Have a wonderful, mindful rest of the night in your end of the world!