08 May 2010

Planet Boelex - Raja

its become somewhat of a hiddenplace music tradition- planet boelex puts out a new release and hiddenplace music lauds it as the best release of the year. with Raja, planet b gives us no reason to break this tradition. in fact, he produces such consistently high-quality music that its no longer a surprise when a new album is a brilliantly-produced stunning masterpiece of subtle beauty.
Raja continues and develops the more stripped-down style which marked Little World, incorporating some of the same sounds and textures, but expanding it into (almost) purely instrumental territory. all our favorite planet boelex touches are still there- deep gliding basses, lush ambient atmospheres, soaring leads and the most precisely edited percussive elements ive ever heard. extra elements come in the form of beautiful vocals by Lisa's Antenna, acoustic guitar by Mosaik and additional production help from Mikael Fyrek. the stylistic similarity makes it an excellent companion piece to Little World, together forming an hour of blissful, dreamy soundtracks for times of quiet reverie.

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