13 March 2011

Abre Ojos - Chakras

Melbourne artist Abre Ojos has created a fascinating series of ambient music video meditations based on the 7 chakras, or energy centers of the human body. in stark contrast to the sugary angelic "new agey" music usually associated with chakra meditation music, the music in these videos is deep and dark, almost ominous. the sometimes harsh and mechanical soundscapes might be at first off-putting for those who are not fans of dark ambient music, but the long reverberant drones make for a very interesting deep meditation experience. accompanying the music are slowly-evolving kaleidoscopic mandala-like animations which greatly enhance the hypnotic, meditative atmosphere.
the first of the videos, "Root" is embedded below. five more can be streamed or downloaded from his vimeo page and the seventh is available only on the Chakras dvd (which includes lossless flac downloads)

Root from abre ojos on Vimeo.

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