08 December 2014

Cosmic Womb - Full Moon December 2014

Cosmic Womb [Full Moon December 2014] by Hiddenplacemusic on Mixcloud

From the thatched hut in the jungle to the towering skyscraper, the human species' drive for creativity and self-expression has resulted in a myriad of cultures and societies, a bewilderingly rich diversity of colors, forms and sounds. Each human society's unique experiences coalesce into distinctive cultural expressions, building cohesion and cooperation within the group by setting up boundaries and defining a group as separate from another. Our language, behavior, appearance and music identity us as part of a certain collection of humans, while simultaneously distancing us from all other humans. The emerging global culture has made us aware of the vast differences in human expression, yet also reveals the similarities we all share in the journey of life, love and the pursuit of happiness. Even as we seek to preserve and celebrate these cultural treasures, we must recognize each other as members of the same Human Family, working together to honor and preserve our common origin: Mother Earth, the Cosmic Womb.

Digital Samsara - C#
Bombay Dub Orchestra - Songs From The Seven Towers
Loopbaba - Aerial Roots
Ricky Kej - Exotic Dreams
Erofex - Garden Of Dreams
emancipator - Minor Cause
Chronos - Mystery Of Time
Cygna - Caucasus
Chronos – Leelah
Shpongle - The Epiphany Of Mrs Kugla
Globular - Timeless Vibration
Lapa - Roadwalk
Digital Samsara - BOSPOROS

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