13 November 2007

Flux and Vega - Believe EP

downtempo/triphop with female vocals is one of my favourite types of music, however it can be difficult to find quality vocals in the netaudio world. some netlables, such as kahvi collective, have even adopted an unofficial rule of not releasing anything with vocals. other fans of electronica with vocals will be delighted by 'Believe EP' from the No Copy Protection netlabel. the short selection of tracks provides a pleasant and sunny selection of [mostly] spanish-language female vocal-fronted triphop, along with a few electro-house flavoured remixes. for me, these tracks really work because they avoid the temptation of overly processing everything with excessive electronics and fx. here the vocals and arrangements are quite charming and effective in their relaxed, unassuming style.

this netlabel, previously unknown to me, provides an intriguing (and attractively designed) catalogue of releases. i will definitely have to investigate further..

shout out to the new english-language Phlow Magazine blog for pointing me in the direction of this release.


mo. said...

hey travis!

thank you for mentioning our magazine ;) i would like to see some more vocal-driven music in the netlabel-scene, too.

greets from cologne/germany, mo.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for turning me on to No Copy Protection. As you know, your post inspired me to do an entire show focusing on electronic music netlabels, including Montonik and Thinner, as well as No Copy Protection.

The show can be downloaded here.

Bazooka Joe