20 November 2007

Proviant Audio - Welcome Wilderness EP

my latest addiction is surfing through the mad bloggings of Phlow Magazine, and i've come accross another great release thanks to our favourite german listening machines! 'Welcome Wilderness' from the long-silent Aquavelvas netlabel, presents slightly bizarre, slightly campy collection of sampledelic cutup elektro-jazz which will make a perfect addition to your afternoon chillout playlist. the release starts out chilled and low-key and develops into trippy freaked-out breakbeat/disco beats. insane catchyness!


mo. said...

thanks for your compliments. "mad bloggings" => do you mean our german english or just our attitude? i just try to explain the releases as best as i can. so hopefully the articles are worth reading and understandable ;)

travis said...

hi mo, i certainly meant no offence by the 'mad bloggings' comment! i only meant that there are so many reviews on phlow.net that i can barely keep up... one might use the phrase 'blogging like mad'

the reviews are definitely well-written and understandable. thanks for all the listening and writing! i am always discovering new things thanks to phlow

mo. said...

yeah, we never get bored of new good music. and we like to share :)